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Mandela Tea: the perfect way to celebrate Freedom Day

Like braais, bunny chows, starry skies, wildlife, dancing and drums, rooibos and honeybush teas have always been a part of South African life. So it was great to hear that our Mandela Tea was used to celebrate this country’s Freedom Day on 27 April this year – in a...

Powerful Partnership: The Story Of Mandela Tea

Nelson Mandela loved tea. In fact, it was the first thing that he did when he was released from prison was have a cup of tea. Then, refreshed and revitalised, he went to address the nation. His granddaughter, Zaziwe Manaway, fondly remembers...

Gift Ideas: Nelson Mandela’s 100th Birthday

As with any birthday celebration, there should be gifts to commemorate the occasion, and this very special day should be no different. In keeping with that spirit here are gift ideas inspired by some of Madiba most captivating quotes. “What counts in life...

Madiba’s Centenary: Moving forward

Madiba's Centenary: Moving forward Despite the doom and gloom that often surrounds discussions about South Africa's future, it is important to take the time to recognize what we have achieved as a nation. Nelson Mandela was no stranger to persevering...
mandela 100 birthday

Celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 100th Birthday

Celebrate Nelson Mandela's 100th Birthday Nelson Mandela is deeply connected to South Africa's international identity. To the world, he is an icon, but to South Africans he is Madiba. He represents the best parts of what we can identify in ourselves — courageous,...

Mandela Day – Helping Those Who Change Lives

With Mandela Day fast approaching many people are thinking of ways to honour the memory of Madiba by contributing towards initiatives that help make positive change in our communities.

This year Cape Tea Co is backing African Sunrise’s Mandela Day Event at Heatherdale Children’s Home, which is located in Athlone, Cape Town.

African Sunrise are raising funds so that every child gets a gift of a jersey, they’re creating a fun day with fun activities, and they’re providing food for the children.

Education and Community – Continuing Nelson’s Legacy

We volunteer with them whenever we can, which gives us a first-hand chance to see how education changes lives and gives a platform for which children and adults can take control of their own destinies. With every box of Mandela Tea you’ll be helping to increase...
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