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The Mandela Tea range contains honeybush, rooibos, and buchu – all indigenous teas to South Africa.Honeybush contains many of the 14 minerals essential to health and well-being. Among these are the critical elements: Iron, Potassium, Calcium, and Manganese, which are vital to the prevention of anaemia, fluid balance abnormalities, and for adequate bone growth and repair. Honeybush is rich in antioxidants, isoflavours, and contestants. These compounds counter oxidative stress, and prevent the production of free radicals, helping to maintain the natural immune defence system. Additionally, Honeybush tea is known to have a stabilising effect on the control of blood sugar levels, and contains preventative anti-carcinogenic properties.

Rooibos assists with nervous tension, allergies and digestive problems; alleviates infantile colic, allergies, asthma and dermatological conditions. Buchu has antibacterial, antifungal and antispasmodic properties, and provides relief from premenstrual cramping and bloating. Buchu has anti-inflammatory properties make it a very effective remedy for gout and rheumatism, and it is a valuable source of vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Honeybush tea is a naturally sweet tea that contains no caffeine or tannins, which makes it a perfect replacement for coffee and for a sugar substitute. The taste of honeybush tea is far more palatable than rooibos, but when honeybush is combined with rooibos and/or buchu, the powerful flavours are complimented perfectly, making a really unique and delicious hot drink. As part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, honeybush tea is the perfect addition to your daily routine. Research has indicated that honeybush and rooibos tea has properties that help to reduce fat cells and supress hunger, as well as being a good source of hydration.

Honeybush, rooibos, and buchu are all rich in antioxidants, reduce the production of free radicals, and honeybush specifically has anti-diabetic and anti-carcinogenic properties, making it a perfect option to help people sustain a health-conscious routine and maintain a healthy body and mind, and aid in the prevention and treatment for cancer and diabetes. Honeybush tea’s natural and non-invasive ability to reduce the production of fat cells, as well as containing a multitude of minerals, makes it the essential beverage choice for people who are actively taking control of their Body Mass Index (BMI).


Honeybush tea is derived from the cylopia genus and the entire plant is used in the production of honeybush tea. We cultivate cyclopia longifolia plants at our Kleinberg and Kurland Estates in the Crags, Plettenberg Bay. Once it’s time to harvest the plants, the wet tea is transported to a honeybush specialist where it’s fermented and produced into the processed tea that goes into our packaged tea products.

Our decision to cultivate the cyclopia longifolia plant at the Kleinberg and Kurland Estates in the Crags, Plettenberg Bay, was for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the land-type in the Crags suits the cyclopia longifolia more than other species of the cyclopia plant, making it a better choice for the ecosystem it needs to survive and thrive in.

In a SANBI report in 2011, the cyclopia longifolia plant was listed as an endangered species, and it was our position that, as a company and a member of the honeybush industry, we should be part of the solution to ensure that this plant is safe from extinction. The ratio of wild to cultivated honeybush is currently estimated at 70/30, with the majority of processed honeybush still being taken from wild crops of honeybush.

SAHTA have stated in various publications that to ensure that the honeybush plants and all of their species are protected, a sustainable rebalance of wild and cultivated production of honeybush tea must occur, and we plan to be a large part of this rebalancing process. We cultivate our tea by using only organic production methods and ethical business practises. We understand the importance of liaising with local businesses, and we aim to continue to work with our affiliates to produce and promote our tea.

Cape Tea Co’s mission is to produce and distribute the best organic tea produced in South Africa. All of our tea is grown indigenously in the Cape Regions, and all of our future tea products to follow will be. Our motto and ethos is: 100% organic produce; 100% South African tea. We believe in using South African products at every stage of the production process, and Mandela Tea packaged tea products are as proudly South African as the people who helped to bring it to life. Each step of Mandela Tea’s journey is undertaken and completed by South African companies.

The organic tea used in Mandela Tea are of the highest quality, and it’s our belief that this range of organic tea can stand up to, and even surpass, any other organic tea beverage on today’s market. Not only is Mandela Tea one of the healthiest beverages available, the taste and aroma of each tea in the Mandela Tea range is what makes this tea an instant favourite.

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